Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello there, It has seriously been way to long since posting here.  I do apologize for waiting so long to post. I don't know if it's just a matter of waiting to long but rather a matter of life is busy.  I have been studying hard in my classes at ECPI. I have been doing well.  I am currently on medical leave as of yesterday, but I will post more about that later.

So since March 26...I guess the biggest thing that has been happening is the death of my father-in-law. He was 92 years old at his passing. This was not necessarily and unexpected event but death is never a looked forward to. My husband is an only child so all of this has fallen on him. Here is the obituary for John F. Gee.


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    GEE JOHN FRENCH GEE John French Gee, 92, of Front Royal, Virginia, formerly of Arlington, died Saturday, May 2, 2015, in Warren Memorial Hospital in Front Royal. A funeral service will be held on Thursday, May 14, at 11:00 a.m. at the Community Baptist Church in South Riding, Virginia, conducted by Pastor Mike Aylestock. Burial will be at 1:30 p.m. in Stonewall Memory Gardens in Manassas. Mr. Gee was born November 3, 1922, in Paris, Texas, son of the late James French Gee. He was married to the late Lorraine Margaret Booth Gee. He began work as a bookkeeper and then joined the U. S. Army Signal Corp. He was drafted into the army during World War II and became a member of a tank division. He gathered experience in 1943 in electrical engineering where he was required to build a television set and ham radio. He was transferred to the Defense Department in budget and accounting. Following retirement from the Pentagon he performed tax work and partnerships for H & R Block. He enjoyed reading science fiction and political novels and even some target shooting. He was very knowledgeable in Civil War history. He very much enjoyed ballroom dancing with his longtime friend and companion Yvonne Glenney and was a member of the Capital Cotillion. Mr. Gee attended the Cherrydale Baptist Church in Arlington and attended the Community Baptist Church in South Riding. Along with his friend and companion Yvonne Glenney, Mr. Gee is survived by his son James Gee of Springfield and his wife Signe; three granddaughters Rachel Kerns, Christine Olivaria, and Rebeckah Gee; and three great-grandchildren. The family will receive friends from 10:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. prior to the service at the church after which a luncheon will be provided. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Maddox Funeral Home in Front Royal.Funeral arrangements are being handled by Maddox Funeral Home in Front Royal.

    So we have been about the business of getting back to life.  I am so very proud of my husband Jim for how he is handling all that has happened. I pray for him. 

    Another big event that has happened here very recently is Rebekah Marie Gee has graduated from South County High School.  Becky is now working the summer camp program at Calvary Road Christian School. Her plans are to go to NOVA Community College in the fall in the Pathways Program. Her intentions are to obtain her Associates Degree and then move on to further studies in Psychology and Counseling. I pray for her daily as well. She is a well grounded christian young woman. I am so proud of who she is and who she is becoming. We had a small celebration of Becky's graduation here this weekend.  We did combine it with Father's Day as well. I was so excited to have everyone here. I love it so when we all get together.  Rachel, Matthew and Kaleb came. Kaleb actually spent three nights here at our home. I very much enjoyed having him here. Christine was able to come and have a Father's Day dinner with us and then was able to come and see Becky graduate. We all were even able to play a fun 1/2 game of hand and foot with everyone here. Greta and Joe Cox and all the kids (Stephen, Aaron and Abigail) were able to come to Becky's graduation and then celebrate with us for ice cream cake following.  I love having my family around. Brings great joy to my heart. My dad was also able to make it down for a visit from Dolgeville NY. Thanks for coming dad. I love you.

    Here are some pictures of the festivities of the weekend.

    This is all for this post.  I will make another post relating to my weight loss. By the way which is going very well.

    Thursday, March 26, 2015

    -98 Two Pounds to 100

    Good Morning.  I am so excited this morning. I am at a 98 pound loss today!!! That's only two more pounds to my 100 pound goal. I started making an attempt to do some form of exercise every day (except I took two days on Saturday and Sunday off). I started this last week.  I decided even if I am not home and cannot exercise in my living room that I would find a place to walk walk walk while I am out.  I want to try and walk at least a mile a day or do the equivalent in exercise. No one can make me do this I have to commit to this.  I saw a post by my coach Darcie Armstrong talking about the difference between intention and commitment. It is so true, Good intentions can be interrupted, HOWEVER..., committed to something will more likely result in follow through and completion of the desired task.

    Here are the three workouts I am currently alternating between.  I have three so I don't get bored continually doing the same thing over and over again.

    As soon as I can afford to do so I will be purchasing Tia Cheng from my Beach Body Coach.

    I have been disciplining my self to workout everyday whether I feel like it or not. So thanks for all the support my friends and family have been giving me. I do appreciate it greatly. 

    Thursday, March 19, 2015

    Hello Again...It's Been Awhile

    Hello, I see its been over three months since I posted anything in this blog.  I am so sorry. I apologize for being a slacker. I have had quite a busy time of it lately. Several things have been going on. I had a very intense Statistics class at ECPI University. I passed it which was my goal. Now I have moved on to other classes that are not as difficult. I am just glad I don't have to repeat the class.

    We have also had some difficult times with my father-in-law. He is deteriorating fast. He is 92 years old and it is not expected that he will live much longer. He has difficulty eating and has several other serious medical issues that will take their toll on him sooner rather than later.

    Then there are the snow storms we have had.  Most people around here don't really like them, however, I am a different story. I enjoyed them very much. In fact in the middle of the last one I rented a car and made the trip to a women's retreat even after the bus I was planning on taking cancelled their trip. I  am so glad I did. I had an awesome time and was extremely blessed by the message given at the retreat.  God is good.

    Well an update on my weight loss.  I have lost 12 pounds since my last post in January.  I now weigh 280. This is an exciting thing for me.  I have dropped from a 5x size (at the beginning of my journey) to a 3x almost 2x. I am shopping at the same stores my 19 year old daughter shops at. It is so fun to go shopping with her. She is so encouraging to me.  My whole family is very encouraging and I wish to say thank you so much for being there for my journey.  I have so many friends who are also very supportive and I wish to thank them as well.  So the journey continues.  I have a total weight loss at this point of 94 pounds. Once again God is good!

    This is one of my favorites!

    Tuesday, January 13, 2015

    Hurrah for NSV (Non Scale Victories)

    NSV (Non Scale Victory)-- I went to the eye doctor today and was so pleasantly surprised. For decades every time I go to the eye doctor I can't get close enough to the machines (due to significant boobage and stomach protrusion. LOL) for the doctor to get real good accurate readings. Well today I had not difficulty at all with any of the equipment at the eye doctors office. Maybe that's not significant to a lot of people but i loved it and also saw humor in it. Huzzah Huzzah!!! I also was able to fit a lot more of the glasses styles than ever before. I do find this exciting.

    I so love NSVs. The number on the scale is not always a good indication of health.  I also did something else that I never thought I would do. One of the things that happened as a result of the sleeve surgery was my eyebrows went almost completely bald.  So I went last week and had permanent makeup tattooed on my eyebrows.  Ok call me wierd,  But that is what I did,

    They look a bit dark and not quite natural.  They will look more natural as the week progresses.

    This is another of my favorite songs.  TOTAL PRAISE.   I Lift My Hands in Total Praise To You!

    Tuesday, January 6, 2015

    1 Mile In Home Walk!

    I started this today.  Pray I am disciplined to do this everyday. Unless I go to the gym instead.  I NEED TO EXERCISE DAILY!!!

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014

    Happy New Years Eve!!

    Happy New Years Eve!! Here we are on the eve of a new year.  Looking back on this year I can see God's provision and love even in times when I was full of doubt and fear. God is good all the time. It has been a year full of changes for me. All though I did not make a big announcement about it I determined that 2014 would be a year of renewed faith and trust in Jesus my Lord and Savior. I am a child of the One True King. The following video was my theme song for 2014.

    In my last post I said I would post again when I had past my 75 pound weight loss goal.  I passed that goal 12/27/14.  I am so excited.  This part of my journey has been most interesting.  To see how my thoughts and ideas have changed in the area of food is truly amazing to me.  Food is no longer an addiction. I still enjoy what I eat, however, food is now nourishment and provides nutrients my body needs to live a healthy life. I feel so much better. I have more energy and I am able to focus on areas that are way more enjoyable than worrying about what I can possibly eat next.  Again, God has been good to provide a way for me to become a healthier person. I am loving the new me I am becoming.  I thank you all for your support and encouragement in this journey.  Now I need to be more disciplined to exercise more frequently. Below is the latest before and after picture I have taken. And I just threw in an extra picture of Becky and myself. This is our Christmas 2014 picture together.

    Well the only other major change this year was my return to school.  That is going very well. School will resume January 5, 2015.  It was a nice surprise to have a week off for the holidays.

    So 2014 has been a year of Losing Myself in many ways. I thank you for all your prayers and support. God bless you all as we move into 2015 and discover new ways of becoming who God wants us to be'

    Wednesday, December 24, 2014

    Happy Christmas Eve Day!!!

    Just Jumping in real quick to say Happy Christmas Eve Day!!! I weighed myself this morning and discovered I have lost 73.5 pounds. This is a great present for me this Christmas. I will post again when I break the 75 pound loss.  Blessings to all my friends and family during this Holiday Season.  I love you all!